How can I be Involved?

You can join any of the units as a short-term volunteer or as a long-term worker.
Training: This unit is responsible for training people, and carrying out workshops and seminars. The foundational training is Arts for a Better Future(ABF), Introduction to Music and Introduction to Missions.
Production: This unit is responsible for the production of audio-video resources, documentaries and Music videos. 
Research: This unit is responsible for the research of songs, genres, cultures, legends, tunes, traditional instruments of our target people groups etc.
Administrative: This will be responsible for day to day running of the centre, management of the finances, management of the human resources etc.
Mobilisation: This unit is responsible for the distribution of the resources to the body of Christ, creating awareness and recruiting resources for the Centre.
Multicultural Worship Team: You can join our multiethnic, multicultural and multigenerational worship team

Be a Catalyst… Facilitate the production of the resource

Be an Advocate(Friend of Sahel): Spread the news and help us connect with others, host awareness programs in your home, church, fellowship etc

Adopt a people group for prayers.

Adopt a missionary for support.

Empower a local artist.

Sponsor the production of a song(s), music video(s) or an evangelistic film for a people group.

Volunteer your expertise online or on-site.

Short-term Mission Outreach with our production team.

Join our monthly online worship and intercession for the Sahel