What we do

Our Target Countries (25 countries with 108 unreached people groups mostly in 10/40 window with more than 500,000 population)

Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Chad, Northern Nigeria

Starting with the Sahel?

Sub-Saharan Africa, or the Sahel region, is located in the 10/40 Window with many unreached people groups. They  are culturally rich in music and oral traditions and are oral preferred learners. 

We will start with the unreached people groups in the Sahel, then extend into other countries in the Africa. 

Raise | Equip | Empower | Produce 


We reach and win the nations to Jesus through indigenous music audioVisual as tool



We equip the mission churches with know-how to disciple the nations using the local forms of art, dance, and music with local instruments. We equip missionaries and local artists with tools to realise specific kingdom goal that is culturally relevant to reach the community.


We research, compose, and produce contextualised audio visual music resources, Indigenous worship music videos, Musical and song albums for unreached people groups of the Sahel Africa. We work with mission organisation in a specific community or people groups to empower them to recognise the arts in the community and use it for the kingdom purpose. We commission new local artists.

PRODUCE: We want to distribute existing and new gospel music resources among people groups using various social media networks and other church related platforms.

Download the complete list based on Joshua project.

Worship Leaders Renewal Retreat.

TEHILLAH Interdenominational Worship Gathering

TEHILLAH Interdenominational Worship Gathering

This gathering is tagged TEHILLAH… a Night with the King, it seeks to bring together worshippers from all the ethnic(nations) and denominations in the particular community to offer the King of kings what He worths, not only because of what He has done or for what He will do but for who He is. It is a public proclamation of praise. New local artist are commissioned new composed songs are taught and distributed.


This is a vision to see 100 targeted people groups in Sahel region in the 10/40 windows with more than 200,000 population but with less than 5% Christian representation. We want them to have access to contextualised resources by the year 2042. 
We want to produce at least 10 contextualised songs, 3 music videos and 1 evangelistic film for each of these people groups in the Sahel.

We want to train church planters, local believers and workers in the Sahel on the use of arts to bring transformation.